Dr. Reynolds is very professional and knows her field of work better than any psychologist I have seen previously. I have struggled with positive mental health issues for quite sometime, ranging from anxiety to depression. Dr. Reynolds has been a key factor in helping me navigate through my issues and deal with them effectively. She creates a comfortable environment which makes communication between us easier. I highly recommend Dr. Reynolds!

Kelly W

Dr. Reynolds is a very knowledgeable professional. She has guided me through some challenges with my son and helped me work through my own anxiety. She is very kind, patient and considerate. Dr. Reynolds has exceeded all my expectations and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking therapy.

Erin C

Dr. Reynolds is a very knowledgeable and professional therapist. She has made me feel comfortable in our sessions and made it easy to open up about anything going on in my life. She really takes the time to listen and understand what I’m going through. Highly recommend!

Daye S

Dr. Reynolds' compassion, insights and recommendations have been spot-on for me. She uses a good mix of research-based knowledge, which I like and value, yet uses it in a way that is personalized for me. She made me feel at ease with difficult conversations, yet provided me with hands-on advice to move forward in my life. Would highly recommend her!

Nancy W

Dr. Reynolds is highly experienced at inner workings of relationships and communication. Her approach in my experience has been very kind, yet insightful in an effective way. If you are looking for a wise, seasoned yet sharp with cutting edge techniques type therapist I would highly recommend!

Kelley R

I would highly recommend Dr. Reynolds for anyone looking for a seasoned therapist! She is effective at helping her clients navigate the stressful and sometimes overwhelming ups and downs in life. Her kind disposition allows clients to immediately feel welcomed and accepted allowing them to open up about what is really going on for them.

Dianna B

Dr. Reynolds is heaven sent. I truly can't thank her enough! She's changed my perspective entirely. She was able to help me pinpoint problems / connect emotional dots / trauma that were hard to identify myself; let alone make sense of and resolve. Highly recommend. Hands down.

Lindsey C